About Rentomo

Rentomo is the bridge that brings borrower and lender together by helping you rent out your not-so-used stuff as well as borrow items you wish to use once in a while. By connecting you to the members of a trusted community, Rentomo offers you the ease of sharing without having to run from pillar to post in search of products.

Given that Rentomo’s prime belief is trust, it is certainly an important factor when you think of sharing, and the foundation on which we are established. This is where our technology comes into the picture. We have built a pool of dependable people to whom you will be renting out your valuable stuff or from whom you will be lending stuff – this is done to ensure the safety of the product.

To sum up, Rentomo is a circle of friends who stay in your society, building or study in your college or work in your company, and can be relied upon for lending or borrowing things that you don’t use often, or need for a shorter duration.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us at hello@rentomo.com.

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