Rentomo Listing Borrower Help Page

You can search for the product which you are looking for and depending on your location and price preference you can filter the results.

Once you decide the product which you want to rent you will see the owner details. You need to message the owner about your requirement and once owner approves your requirement, you can rent the product from owner offline.

Yes, ofcourse. And we recommend you to contact multiple owners at once in order to get a quick response. Sometimes, owners don’t have time to respond right away, so requesting multiple owners will help you find a product when you need one.

A big priority for us right now is to increase the percentage of requests that turn into confirmed bookings. Of course, we realize that things come up. Owners can be on vacation, away from WIFI, or unable to respond due to their regular day job needs. Once again, because of the variation in Owners responses, we recommend that Renters request multiple product owners at a time in order to increase the chances of finding one that works.

Before confirming any reservation, the borrower has to sign our Rentomo Rental Agreement. As the borrower, you are sole responsible for any damage or harm caused to product.

If the rented product is stolen during the rental, email as soon as possible. Immediately lodge a FIR in nearest police station with the help of We are committed to having fully protected, comfortable, and happy owners and borrowers community and we'll always do our best to help you out in whatever way possible.

Yes, till we launch our payment options on the site and app, you are free to give money to owner the way you want. It includes cash, card or wallet.

We only open in-app messaging between users. After the request is sent, a message will automatically be sent to the Owner through our system. In order to keep everything secure and consolidated, Rentomo recommends you use our easy messaging system to communicate instead of your personal cell phone or email address. If you verify your cell phone on Rentomo, you can use SMS to text people through our messaging system. This will enable you to keep your number private, but you'll still have the flexibility and ease of texting.

If your owner is not responding for any reason and you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

When you initiate booking request be sure to double check the pickup and dropoff dates/times, and see if this works for your schedule.

Here are some things to consider to ensure a smooth transition.

1. Is the product available near your location?

2. Are you available to meet the owner to pickup and dropoff the product?

3. If you are unable to meet the owner, can you get someone else to pickup/drop off the product?

If everything works for you, great! Make a request.

Rentomo is in process of launching its payment gateway very soon. Till that you need to provide payment to owner offline. However we suggest you following points to consider while initiating the payment

1. Always be clear on pricing upfront. This avoids last minute hassles.

2. You are free to provide payment via cash, card or wallet.

3. If you are providing any security deposit for the product, please mention that in advance.

4. Security deposit is generally fully refundable except some cases where owners finds the product damaged or non functional at the time of return.

5. In case of any issues please drop an email to

Delivery of the product is solely dependent between owners and borrowers as of now till Rentomo launches its own delivery system.

However at some places and some special requests like bulk booking or corporate bookings Rentomo helps in delivery of the listings. But this request is not guaranteed always

If you have any query regarding delivery please speak to our customer care person. He/she will guide you with proper response.