Rentomo Help Page

Once you finalized the item which you need to borrow, you need to contact the owner of that item through our messaging platform. Once you and owner mutually agree to share item. You can either pick the item or if owner agrees to drop at your location, you get your product.

Once you get the product in your hand, you need to pay the amount directly to the owner depending on his terms as both of you mutually agreed. Owner might demand security deposit as well depending on his terms shown along with the product.

Owner might ask you a valid ID proof just to insure his/her product is in safe hands. This is just an extra level of check to ensure the safety of the product and making Rentomo a trusted and safer community of sharing.

PAN card, Passport, Driving license, current employer card, current student ID proof (depending on the item, if owner allows the product to be rented by students), voter id, aadhar card.

It depends on the item. Rental period could be anything like 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. It depends on the item and owner's terms and conditions.

Yes, you are required to accept our terms and conditions at the time of choosing the product, its a digital term sheet which you accept once you register with us.

Once you give the product back to owner and owner does an initial QC of the returned item than he gives you back your security deposit. If you have given a post dated cheque than you will receive your cheque back and if you have given cash, than owner will give you back cash after deducting any damage charges if there is any damage.

Rentomo does not handle the delivery as of now, its between owner and borrower to handle the transport. Owner can mention transport charges in their terms and conditions. Owner can also demand borrower to come and pick the stuff from his/her place and return it back.

Though we do proper verification of the user, we ask for online and offline verification of the user. Offline verification includes scan copy of any valid offline id. Owner can also ask for any ID proof and can also demand for security deposit. Product safety is between owner and borrower.

We only allow Facebook and Google login for now because Facebook & Google gives sort of trust verification once someone registers through it. We do not encourage spam and fake accounts. Your Facebook & Google login is 100% secure and we do not post anything on Facebook or Google without your permission.

1. No fee to list - Creating a listing page is free. We do not charge anything when you upload an item on Rentomo

2. You have your own control - You set the price for your listing/item, your availability, and reservation requirements for your borrowers. You can also change you price anytime when demand is more or there is any particular time of that item usage.

3. Communication is easy - Exchanging messages will help you select borrowers who are a good fit for your listing and are like minded and believe in sharing community. You can review their profiles and the reviews they’ve received for more detail.

4. We are there for you - You always have our support. No matter what feel free to reach out to us any time.

5. You want to make money - Obviously who does not want to earn extra in his daily routine and Rentomo provides a way to make money from your under used items, anywhere anytime. You can start sharing the items in your own trusted community and start making money from day one.

Renting or on demand access of items makes life easy for anyone and everyone who is looking for getting things done without spending much. For example bicycle, professional camera, house hold stuff, tool kits, drill machine, sports equipment etc.

Nowadays, renting houses is just a click away but other items are not a part of them. Even you need some items for just 1-2 days you need to buy them which is a good amount of money you are wasting in just keeping that product idle at your home. So instead of buying a new one why not to take on rent from some one near by. May be within your society or community. There is a high chance than someone might be owning that item already and you are not aware of that. So why not to take that item on rent and same money

Ensure that your listing's photos, information, pricing and general description accurately reflect your listing, because that is the first thing which borrower is going to read.

Respond to all inquiries and requests as soon as possible. This ensures that owners are caring about their listings and potential borrowers

Ensure that you can commit to your item's borrower before saying yes. If you agree to rent your stuff to the borrower, than be stick to your commitment until unless there is an emergency which you can not avoid. But in this case also ensure that you communicate your situation to the borrower

Make sure your item is properly clean and in good shape when you rent it out.

Make sure that your listing is available to guests at the predetermined time and place.

Genuine reviews are the cornerstone of our trusted community. Leave a review for your borrowers.

Rentomo connects you to people who are part of a trustworthy community.

In Rentomo we believe that trust is very important factor when you think of sharing, that’s where we have built technology. To whom you are going to rent your valuable stuff is either your friend or friend’s friend, or person who stay in your society, building or study in your college or work in your company, which ensures safety of your valuable product.

We ensure your details are safe with us. We do not make your personal details public which include your phone number, email id, home address or your google/facebook profile. If you want you can share your information with other users at the time of renting any item.

Though we allow only facebook and google login in our platfrom but that is to make sure that people are creating jusnk profiles or not verifying their profiles. Facebook and Google logins provide one level of trust by ensuring that your profiles are verified. We do not share your data to any one with out your permission.

We also encourage people to provide us any offline valid id proof. This ensures the safety fo the product and helps in building one more layer of trust when you show an interest in renting a product from the owner.

We also manually varify each and every profile and listing which are uploaded on our platform. We ensure that people are registering on our site are genuine and have interest in sharing community.