Quechua XL 3 Camping Tent

by Ranganath Deepak

Price:   190/Day

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Listing Attributes

Price Per Day:  190
Price Per Week:  N/A
Price Per Month:  N/A
Weekend Price / day:  N/A (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Security Deposit:  0
Minimum Booking Days: 1

Listing Description

Quechua - XL 3 Camping cum trekking Tent for rent in Bangalore
Capacity: 3 -4 People
Quality: Water Proof Tents
Weight: 3.6 & 4.7 Kg
Brand: Quechua
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Listing Rules

No Security Deposit, Free Home Delivery* with Best price.
We might ask for any original ID proof.
We calculate rental on Day basis.
Bookings Based on first come first serve..
Do not Spoil or Damage the accessories , if damaged extra amount has to be paid to reimburse the damaged product.
For cancellation please inform us do not hesitate priority based.

Delivery Options:
1. Free Delivery : Depends on per day rent to know the eligible of free delivery call us .
2.Door step Delivery: Weather its an office, Home, Bus station or an railway station we deliver at your step.
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