Rentomo Listing Owner Help Page

No, listing your product is completely free and will always be! We do not charge anything.

No problem! You are free to go with your own terms and availability. If you know your product will be unavailable for rent or you won't be able to respond to requests for several days at a time, you can always “unlist” your product temporarily - just don’t forget to re-list it when you’re ready to rent again!

Before confirming any reservation, the renter has to sign our Rentomo Rental Agreement. As the owner, you are never responsible if the borrower gets injured with your product for example bicycle/bike or anything else.

Once again, all damage and personal injury is the responsibility of the borrower during the reservation. For example, if your bike gets a flat tire during the rental, it is the borrower's responsibility to repair the bike or pay for a replacement.

If your product is stolen during the rental, email as soon as possible. Immediately lodge a FIR in nearest police station with the help of We are committed to having fully protected, comfortable, and happy owners and we'll always do our best to help you out in whatever way possible.

Yes! You can certainly list the same product in different places if it is available at different places. This feature will make borrowers more comfortable in finding your product.

Users are required to charge at least INR 1 for your product - it can be Re. 1 per hour, Re. 1 per day, or Re. 1 per week. We don't approve any listings priced under Re. 1

Yes, till we launch our payment options on the site and app, you are free to take money from borrower the way you want. It includes cash, card or wallet.

Every product passes through certain guidelines internally in We do not allow users to put any random product without proper image, title, description or price.

Yes you are free to add the product from outside Bangalore as well but within India. Though our ground operations are functional in Bangalore but we do not restrict our users to list products outside Bangalore.

Listing your product is as easy as uploading some photos, inputting a location, and writing a description. You should fill out all the necessary information related to your product. Your product information helps borrowers to choose a good product near by.

We require that all listings include real photos of your actual product. Sorry, no stock pictures or beautiful product shots. This is only required so borrowers can see the exact product they are looking to rent. The better the photo, the more likely you are to receive requests.

We recommend that users add as much detail to their listings as possible - one way you can do this is through extras. If you have expensive or unique product components, this information will bring more value to your listing

You can edit your product whenever you want!

1. Start by making sure you are logged in

2. Click My Products from the top navbar (under your name and photo) in header.

3. Now under all products which ever product you want to edit click on edit button in front

4. Edit the product to your liking

5. Click save when you finish editing.

We only open in-app messaging between users once a borrower requests a product. After the request is sent, a message will automatically be sent to the Owner through our system. In order to keep everything secure and consolidated, Rentomo recommends you use our easy messaging system to communicate instead of your personal cell phone or email address. If you verify your cell phone on Rentomo, you can use SMS to text people through our messaging system. This will enable you to keep your number private, but you'll still have the flexibility and ease of texting.

If your borrower is not responding for any reason and you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

When you get a booking request be sure to double check the pickup and dropoff dates/times, and see if this works for your schedule.

Here are some things to consider to ensure a smooth transition.

1. Is the product available?

2. Are you available to meet the borrower to pickup and dropoff the product?

3. If you are unable to meet the borrower, can you get someone else to drop off the product?

If everything works for you, great! Approve the rental.

Rentomo is in process of launching its payment gateway very soon. Till that you need to accept payment from borrower offline. However we suggest you following points to consider while accpeting the payment

1. Always be clear on pricing upfront. This avoids last minute hassles.

2. You are free to accept payment via cash, card or wallet.

3. If you are taking any security deposit for your product, please mention that in advance.

4. Security deposit is generally fully refundable except some cases where you find the product damaged or non functional at the time of return. So you can clearly mention that with your borrower and with his acceptance you are eligible to cut some amount from security deposit.

5. In case of any issues please drop an email to

For safety reasons, your listing location appears on the search map as approximate. Approx location shows your general location without giving away your exact location or address. We ONLY show the pick up and drop off address to the borrower once he or she has confirmed booking. The address the borrower sees will be the same address you’ve provided in your listing.

If you are uncomfortable giving your address to borrowers, you can list your product somewhere else nearby - a cafe, your favorite mall, or any place that is safe and convenient for both people.

Delivery of the product is solely dependent between owners and borrowers as of now till Rentomo launches its own delivery system.

However at some places and some special requests like bulk booking or corporate bookings Rentomo helps in delivery of the listings. But this request is not guaranteed always

If you have any query regarding delivery please speak to our customer care person. He/she will guide you with proper response.