Rentomo Coupon Codes, Offers and Promo Codes

This is the place where we show running offers, discounts and promos. Grab Rentomo coupon you need as per your order.

How to use Rentomo coupon codes?

First pick out the products that you would like to rent and add them to your cart. Once done , you can select the relevant coupons from this page to avail a discount on your product. On the checkout page, enter coupon code in the box - "enter coupon".

Validity of Coupon Code & offers?

While selecting coupons , do check the conditions and validity of the coupon code. Validity of the coupon code is mentioned in front of that code with other informations. Please read them carefully.

Coupon Code not working?

If you are unable to apply the coupon code you select from this page (valid coupon for that category) , please get in touch with our customer care team at And we will help you with the right offer codes.